Friday, May 11, 2007

First Trip to New York with Baby

We couldn't have chosen a better place to stay on this first ever trip with the baby. We are staying at the Hampton Inn in Chelsea (24th street near 6th ave). The BuyBuyBaby store is just two short blocks away! Plus I found a post natal support group also two blocks away that I can weight Orion to make sure he's gaining weight. There's also the wholefood market one block away. A bookstore that's also two blocks away. Granted I can't go there to relax the destress that easily now that Orion's in the picture but he was good to take a nap and let me have that opportunity today. And the gym Mark managers is also just 15 minutes walk away.

I am just loving this whole living in the center of the city thing. Home is no more then 20 minutes away and most of the time it's just 10 minutes. Unlike the commute we used to have to queens that's usually more then an hour away. Althought now that I am knitting massively, might not be a bad thing. But still, it would have been nearly impossible if not extremely difficult with the stroller. I would love to live at this location perminently but we'll have to "hit the lotto" before that ever happens...