Wednesday, March 09, 2011

One month old today

It was a busy day today. She turn one month old today! Four weeks exactly thanks to the 28 days in February. Went to weight/feed/weight her and was not happy that the milk supply doesn't seem to have increased though she hasn't had much supplement today. Need to step up my protein in take... Plus I added Goat's rue today so we'll see if that helps by Friday. If not, I might go back to Fenugreek.

Went to the Chinese group play day for the first time since her birth. Went relatively okay but just feels a bit more chaotic than I would like for these early days. So might not go back for a while. Maybe invite individuals over for playdate might be better.

She's been making messy mega poops on her weekly anniversary. When she made a small poop at the playdate, I thought "oh, this is not so bad" Then when I was reading Orion nap-time story while feeding her, she pooped BIG time!! It was so big and messy that not only did it leaked out of the diaper, it started to ooze down her pants and got on my pants too. I did not realize what was happening until it dripped down to Orion's carpet!! So disgusting and messy!! Didn't want to share this on facebook. Share too much poop complain on facebook already. But nobody really reads this so it's fine.

Still worried about her milk intake because of this morning's WFW but she seem satisfied without needing additional formula yet. Maybe it's what Noel said. She's just eating less today and she will make it up another time? We'll see.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

She's sleeping more today

It's very weird. She's sleeping more today than yesterday. It was very frustrating yesterday that I can barely put her down for a minute to eat. Today she's sleeping more soundly even with Orion being loud and the rest of the family chatting loudly.

I think I paid for it later that night.

Vivi is three weeks old today

Can't believe she's three weeks old. It feels like it's been forever. Went to weight/feed/weight her today and overall she did gain weight. And that's after she did a big messy poop this morning before we left.

I am glad my milk production has increased too. It went from 1.5oz last week to 2.3-2.8 oz. But now I am not sure what's causing the milk to increase, because i am doing so many things: Taking Fenugreek, drinking mother's milk tea, drinking massive amount of soup, drinking special chinese "increase milk" soup and the brewer's yeast. *shrug*

Next week will be the real challenge when everybody goes home and it's just us...No more food fairies* either...

*Thanks to these wonderful friends that take turn to cook soup and food for me during the first month..