Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Petunia and Lily

Petunia and Lily are my favorite dogs right now. They are my friend Mark's dog and I love them.

Petunia is so trusting and loves you so much. When she sleeps, she likes to get under the blanket and pushes her body against you.

Lily is more cautious by nature because she is so tiny. She likes to lick your face a lot but she has bad breathe. She licks Petunia most and Petunia puts up with it most of the time but she gets tired sometimes.

They two adorable small package of love!


I cannot mention love for any animal without mentioning Guinness. Guinness was my first pet. We had a cat once at my mom's house but didn't have it that long. Besides, I think I am just more of a dog person. We got Guinness from a shelter in Jersey. He was so adorable. He grabbed our attention the minute we went in and held it with him until we took him home with us. He's a beagle mix. Looks like a beagle but thinner. He did okay in the two apartments we had. He like to destroy thing so we learn to put our important stuff high up. We had to let him go when we moved to the house. The commute was much longer for us. The house had more people walking near then apartment and he would think we are coming home but get really frustrated that nobody is going to the house to play with him. He would then become more destructive then normal. It was to the point he would eat things to that hurts his digestive system. We had to give him up. We figure it was the right decision. Nothing would prepare how hard it was for us at the shelter. The minute they led Guinness away, I could not stop crying. I've never felt so bad in my life. I think if I could do it again, I would get rid of the house and find a living place closer to work to accomedate him. I miss him so much. I think I felt the first unconditional love from him.

I miss him so much...

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Back Handed Compliment

It's thanksgiving holiday weekend. We went to see a movie with my mom. Noel went ahead to get the tickets and he got one for my mother too. I dont' like to have Noel pay for my mother but that's another story. Later on my mother thank Noel for getting her ticket and said that it was the first time Noel bought tickets for her. Noel says he doesn't think so. That's just so her specialty - back handed compliment. She's always doing that. The other day we went out to eat and afterwards she thanks me for not giving her grief all evening. My brother kinda told her off and ask her not to mention negative thing to ruining the evening. She tries to defend herself and saying she was just saying a nice thing. I don't know if she just can't help it herself or she just think that we are stupid and can't figure out that it's really not a compliment. I wish she would stop. That really bothers me.

Maybe she does that because she's got too much bitterness gathered up in her through out the years...

Thoughts on blog

Time has really changed. I used to write thoughts that no one would care but really important to me in my little journal. Now we have blog.