Thursday, April 07, 2011

Almost two month

She will be two month by Friday. She's completely on breast milk now but of course I still constantly worry that she doesn't have enough. Plus the only way for her to have more milk is to feed her more, I sorta don't mind having to feed her more. When she does longer stretches at night and my boobs get really full, I worry that she doesn't eat enough. When I see her peeing a lot and pooping it makes me happy because I know she's drinking enough. Still doing the weight/feed/weight weekly. Just to check how much milk she takes and how much weight she's gaining. She's gaining the proper amount for breast feeding baby but still a little jealous that formula fed babies are gaining more weight than her. I should stop obsession. As long as she's growing nicely and have wakeful interactive time I should be happy.

She's starting to coo a little. She likes to coo/talk when she's very awake and not too hungry yet. I love how she smiles now. Thank goodness she started smiling. Makes this physically demanding job more rewarding. We can put her down for "bed" around the same time as Orion. I would feed her to make sure she's not hungry anymore (even if it's just an hour or two since I last fed her) and we should put the music. If she's sleepy already, then she lies down on the bed easily but sometimes she's over tired we would need to rock her a bit to get to the sleepy stage. I am glad she generally stays in sleepy state through out the night even if she needs to get up to feed often. I just wish she's awake enough to have both breast so she can last longer between feeding.

Orion is really great with her. I play down how good he is with her in front of other people but I am grateful and impressed at how nurturing he is. I hope he stays the same when she becomes mobile and reach for his toys. He's only had one major tantrum since her birth (and I survived!) and boy did we learn lesson from it. I don't let him sleep in the car anymore because it gets too hot and he gets woken up at the wrong sleep cycle and gets really cranky. He really is a very good boy.

He's getting in to coloring and drawing and building legos, just in time. I feel bad we haven't started the bike with him. Hopefully when Noel's job is certain we can focus our attention on that.

Speaking of which...just so worry about it. I really would like to know why does his big boss not think he's working hard and really wish that his boss would fight for Noel and let his big boss know that Noel can be a hard worker. Hopefully we will find out for sure if he still has a job by Friday....sigh.