Monday, August 20, 2012

First day of Kindergarden

Today I was too pre-occupied with how much traffic and bottle neck near the school it would be so was busy planning not driving to school so Orion was on the scooter and I had Vivi in the stroller and went to school that way.  Now because we were on foot I was worrying that we would not make it on time.  When when we got there I was just glad we were not late.

His teacher Ms. Tooey took pictures of the people dropping the kids off and most of the father's came too.  I think it was not a big deal for me and Noel because we've dropped him off at so many different summer camps this summer that we knew he would be okay.  There were a couple of parents crying.  It made me think back on the first time I dropped Orion off at Villa.  I think I was a bit choked up but wasn't big crying.  Plus Vivi came one month later.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What we did in New York

Saturday: John picked us up. dimsum at chinatown with Tony N and Ewah. Dinner at David's in Queens with Mom

Sunday: Saw the 5 boro bike tour out the window. Breakfast at City Bakery. Walked to Union Square. Took train to Wall Street. Borders. Walked to Soho. Purl, Aveda, Dean and Deluca.

Monday: BuyBuyBaby. CVS for Nestle GoodStart formula. Baby Bjorned him. Grab lunch at wholefoods market. Visited 125 Broad. Train to Paragon and Mark at 19th street.

Tuesday: Yoga with Michael at 19th street. Picked up Orion from Noel's office. St Vincent's, Flight 001, Purl again. Coldstone. Cosi. Walked home. Baby sitter. Wayne's step class, fun! Massage.

Wednesday: Katz's deli, Giggle, Kate Spade, chinatown with mom. haircut with Chie. Ferraro with JT. BuyBuyBaby.

Thursday: Real Birth weight. B&N coffee dessert. BuyBuyBaby exchange bath tub. Wholefoods milk. Noel brought home Gyro guy food.

Friday: Phoned Yonah, Daisy, Judy, Joanne, Vivian. Lunch Chinese delivery. Baby sitter. Purl again. Peter Hermann for Orla Kiely bags. Blue Ribbon Manhattan.

How eight treasure soup was created

Eight treasure soup (八寶) is a common chinese dessert.

I started adding more things to the rice to make it more nutritious.  First a little bit of split peas.  Then some beans and then more and more.  Eventually it had so much things that the family did not really want to eat it anymore.  So I added sugar and make it in to a dessert soup so the family would eat it more.

That must be how the 8 treasure soup was create...  hehe

2012 Summer: So proud of him

I don't remember which summer camp it was but Noel said one of the camp counselor told him that he really liked how Orion reacts to things when another child takes his creation (most likely Galileo camp, possibly lego play).  Instead of feeling threaten and panicking like most kids do and snatch his creation back, he goes up to the kid and starts to explain what else you can do with the model and such ("and you can also do this and that and blahblah")  I don't know what we did right or perhaps it's just his personality but I am very proud and I hope he always retain that kind of good spirit that surprises people in a good way.