Monday, August 20, 2012

First day of Kindergarden

Today I was too pre-occupied with how much traffic and bottle neck near the school it would be so was busy planning not driving to school so Orion was on the scooter and I had Vivi in the stroller and went to school that way.  Now because we were on foot I was worrying that we would not make it on time.  When when we got there I was just glad we were not late.

His teacher Ms. Tooey took pictures of the people dropping the kids off and most of the father's came too.  I think it was not a big deal for me and Noel because we've dropped him off at so many different summer camps this summer that we knew he would be okay.  There were a couple of parents crying.  It made me think back on the first time I dropped Orion off at Villa.  I think I was a bit choked up but wasn't big crying.  Plus Vivi came one month later.

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