Monday, September 19, 2005

Still has New York time..

My watch still has new york time set....can't get myself to change it yet. Enough things around here that has local time anyway.

Just can't quite let go yet...

Thursday, September 15, 2005

One Way Ticket

I know it would hit me some how. I started to feel small nostalgia through out the house. Took picture from my favorite spot in the house. Miss all the things I used to do in the house. Have to remind myself that my work schedule did not allow me to do more of the things I like to do. For every good thing I had to remind myself the not so good things, so it's possible for me to leave the house.

Mom came to see us off. She was emotional when we the car was driving away. I was surprised that I did not get as emotional. Maybe it's because I've trained myself to not show emotions around mom?

I thought the take off of airplane would be the time that hits me, but it did not. I was a bit busy feeling nervous. I always get nervous and reach for Noel's hand when the plane takes off or land.

Then we watched a sappy girl movie on the plane. I shet some tears for the movie. At the end of the movie was when I lost it. It just hit me that we left our house. That thought hit me like big truck. The image of the empty house was just too much for me to handle. I think Noel noticed something wasn't right, but he let me kept on crying. A minute later I told him why I was crying; that we had left our home.

I felt a bit better after we step off the plane. Everthing was nice and pleasant. The weather was beautiful (make the new life feel promising). A bit on the cool side. The temp apartment was nice also. It help us settle down.

Everything will be okay. We are starting to know our way around and soon we should find our ways okay(the roads and the life here).

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Get together weekend

It was great to have people come over. I made simple things but put them in pretty bowls and they look fancier all of the sudden.

It was great surprise for Carin to come with the kids. Would have been great if John came too but the two girls more then make up for John's obsense. They girls have grown so much. Skye doens't wear glasses any more and she's such a beautiful girl. Sierra is beautiful and so grown up. Does a great job taking care of her little sister.

David and Joanne came. Noel's ex-coworker from OpenLink stopped by: Simon and David. Very nice people. We celebrated Tony's birthday on Saturday. Joanne got a yummy chinese strawberry cake.

More people came on Sunday and Monday. Dean and Cris, John and Eileen. Makiyo came over too. She gives such approving tone of the house.

We saw Stacy in the city. She treated us to a healthy buffet place. I wish we had stay in tough more.

Saw Melinda and Andrew too. Too bad didn't see Mark and the dogs. But I'll see them next time I visit new york.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Knitting as of late

I seem to spend more time thinking about knitting then actually knitting. I have so many projects I can do and still I go to yarn stores to see what I can find. Hoping to see some good quality yarn on sale or find the new project to work on.

I went to the yarn store in the UES because it was close to the gym. Very nice place. It's kinda place I like to have in my neighborhood, if I was filthy rich. The prices are higher then usual (by a dollar or so) and they sell the kind of yarn I like. Tucked away in a quiet street. I saw the most adorable baby sampler blanket. It's a mix of different patterns. I am sure if I was experienced enough I can use the pattern dictionary and come up with it. But at last I am not yet. The lady made it with two different yarns: merino wool and vintage cotton by Karabella. I was so in love with the cotton one. The sheen on the vintage cotton just shows off the different stitches so well! It's a store pattern they used and while I am not sure how well the instruction is, it's a better start for me then figure them out in the pattern dictionary. But I would have to purchase the yarn, which would cost about $150 ($10 each). They are certainly smart about combat the lowering price caused by the internet.


Television is really the poison to the brain. At least to mine. I just can't turn the tv off. I just sit there and keep on switch channel to find something interesting. If I do, I stay there and waste another two hours. If I don't, I just keep on searching for another two hours. It's so horrible! Maybe Calvin got the right idea in getting rid of the tv. But I would miss shows like Lost and Desparate Housewives. Maybe I just need supervision. I am like a child like that. It's so embarrassing.

Thursday, September 08, 2005


My first week as unemployeed person wasn't too bad. The whole weight of work seems to have lifted and I was able to start on some organizating thing in my life over the long weekend. I was pretty productive on the first day of my unemployment. Until about 4pm that is. Overall I think it's pretty good. I just need to keep the tv off to do that.

But now I am having problem sleeping. I seem to developed the habit of napping in the afternoon and stay up late to watch tv from midnight to 2am. Or did I stay up late because I know I did not have to go work the next day?

I went to the gym today, Calvin's dance class in the morning. Then checked out a yarn store in the UES (price seems to be higher then most, but expected). Went to Mark's classes. Good work outs. Then went to Serendipity 3 for frozen hot chocolate. I've been wanting that for a long time now. The last time was that first real date with Noel.

I can totally get use to the life of someone who doesn't need to work. Of course this is just a little holiday. I'll need to get back in to straightening things out at home. But it was a great holiday at new york.