Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Sad to see the sofa go

After unsuccessfully trying to find another home for our old sofa because it would not fit in our 30 wide door house, we face the fact that the only fate it has is to be disposed. (You would not believe how picky salvation army is about the condition it needs to be in)

Disposing it seems like a logical decision. I left home late enough to see the sanitation worker take it away. I can't believe that the garbage trucks are so powerful. It ate up the sofa. As I watch it, I realized that I was feeling a strange emotion. I was feeling sad. Not to the degree of having to give up Guinness (that felt like tearing my heart out) but I was sad. Sad that it's completely detroyed. Not usable anymore.

It made me wish I hadn't been so lazy and made more effort finding it a home. Perhaps through craigslist. It made me regret that I did not spend more effort trying...

Thursday, March 10, 2005


Am I took picky?

I ask him to make reservation to Blue Ribbon Sushi because I always do that kind of little things and I am sick of not being appreciated. Some site points out they don't take reservation. I think it's safer to call restaurant to make sure (because sites could have error). He called and they confirm indeed they don't take reservation. And he proceeds to hang up. In my mind it was clear it would be useful information to know when the restaurant starts to fill up so perhaps we can go before that (since they don't take reservation). But gathering that information doesn't occur to him.

That bothers me. I know it's a small thing and it really doesn't matter because he can call back again to ask (which he had to).

But that train of thinking extends to everything he does and that is what bothers me. How can i trust him to be looking out for details that could make a big difference when I am in the delivery room and too pre-occupied to pay attention myself? Or if I am too sick and leave the children in his care?

Perhaps he's like that because he was not trained to pay attention to detail. My growing up required me to learn that faster. He's never had to learn that. He's just too provided for and too lucky in life.

I know people say "don't sweat the small stuff and it's all small stuff". But the truth of matter is, I think small stuff tells you a lot about a person. Small stuff is what makes a successful (not necessarily in material achievement way) people different than ordinary people.

Egg and Butter

Noel's solution to any cooking is egg and butter. Whatever he cooks (mostly pasta or steak), he thinks adding egg or butter will make it better. I know egg and butter are essential ingredients for a lot of cooking and baking, but I just get really annoyed that he thinks it's the only thing to enhance any flavor. Because if he keeps on thinking like this, it will lead him to poor health and quick death! Plus if you only cook with egg and butter, you'll only be tasting egg and butter and not the other wonderful flavors. There are so much more flavors that can be added to cooking. I cook three mushcroom risotto last night. I used enoki, shiitake, and oyster mushrooms. Used some white wine and freshly grated parmesan cheese. The flavor was wonderful.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Too Rich In Some Ways

No, I can't buy everything my heart desires, but I am too rich in some aspects.

The planning around what food to eat in my house is all about what we should eat up before it goes bad or before it's been around too long.

I thank God for that.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Chinatown Great Advanture

I had a wonderful time shopping in chinatown last Sunday. Normally I just go there for meals with friends and maybe get some stuff from the bakery. On Sunday I went there for food shopping. I wanted to explore the places locals shop. Try to see where I can get the freshest produce, meat and seafood for the best price. It was a great experience. Althought most people don't speak manderin, I was able to find some merchants and customers that do and willing to answer my ignorant questions. I try to learn how the locals pick out fresh produce. In a seafood store, I saw two buckets of squids. Similar size. One bucket marked $1 per pound. The other marked $2.30 per pound. I asked a customer what's the difference between the bucket? He first replies that the difference is if you are rich you can buy from the more expensive bucket. He did not say it sarcastically. He said it with a tone that accepts those facts of life. He does proceed to explain to me the difference in the squid color. The cheaper bucket's squid has more red color. The pricier ones are whiter.

I am just blown away by how much cheaper and how much fresher goods are. Even my friends that shop at chinatown and flushing says chinatown is better. I will definitely try to work chinatown shopping in to my schedule in the future.