Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Sad to see the sofa go

After unsuccessfully trying to find another home for our old sofa because it would not fit in our 30 wide door house, we face the fact that the only fate it has is to be disposed. (You would not believe how picky salvation army is about the condition it needs to be in)

Disposing it seems like a logical decision. I left home late enough to see the sanitation worker take it away. I can't believe that the garbage trucks are so powerful. It ate up the sofa. As I watch it, I realized that I was feeling a strange emotion. I was feeling sad. Not to the degree of having to give up Guinness (that felt like tearing my heart out) but I was sad. Sad that it's completely detroyed. Not usable anymore.

It made me wish I hadn't been so lazy and made more effort finding it a home. Perhaps through craigslist. It made me regret that I did not spend more effort trying...

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