Friday, December 01, 2006

So close....

As any partner of a pregnant woman know, the weight gain is a very sensitive topic. So the partner must choose his answers carefully like avoiding explosion in a huge land mine.

I put on the holiday dress I got a few of days before the holiday party to make sure I can still fit. I wasn't distress: I looked pregnant but not over weight.

However, on the day of the holiday party I did not feel the same. I felt bloated and that I look fat in the dress. I whined to Noel about it when we arrived at the party.

Jasmine: I look fat! :-(
Noel: No you don't. You look beautiful.
Jasmine: (Taking my coat off) but my arms look fat.
Noel: Well, maybe if you just cover them with your shawl..

So close....

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