Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I married a closet trekkie!

We are watching Star Trek The Next Generation and they were talking about "Class M planet." So I asked a rhetorical question: "What the heck is a class M planet anyway?" To my surprise my husband actually answered. I turned and look at him and realized that I had married a closet trekkie!

He started recording Next Generation because he wants to catch the episodes he missed but because it's on dvr, I started watching it too. I used to watch Next Generation when I was younger but not religiously and apparently I only know fraction of the episodes shown. But now he's getting me addicted with it being on the dvr. As if there aren't enough trekkies in the world he's making me in to one too?! :-) I do enjoy it because it has a lot of moral/ethical questions. They are just all disguised in a futuristic science fiction stories.

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