Saturday, September 03, 2011

"So people will laugh at me?"

After one of the session of the summer swimming class Orion took, Orion had to urinate so we went to the bathroom.  Since he took off his swimming trunk already, I figure we might as well take off his swimming shirt too and get him out of the wet stuff.   He did not realize we were going to put his bath robe (which is quite big) on for the ride home and thought I meant for him to walk out naked.  So when I ask him to get out of his wet cloths he asked "So people will laugh at me?"  I told him "silly no, you will put on your bath robe on!" and we all laugh and all was well.

But after thinking about it, it daunt on me that he was feeling shame about going out naked in public.  We had always told him that it's not polite to do that but he learned from somewhere else that it's "bad" to do that.  This same boy a year ago walked around Mission district of SF with underwear and legwarmers on his legs because he had an accident and those were all I had.  My boy has lost his innocence!  He has taken a bite of the apple in the Eden.  I guess it makes me a little sad.  My boy is growing up too fast....

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