Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Kitchen Is Almost Done

It's almost done. I am so excited the fact that I have an oven again. I haven't been able to cook with the oven since Grenfell street apartment. I will cook all the yummy stuff I miss and some new stuff too.

Two additional thoughts came to mind as the kitchen comes to completion.

Be wary of contractors. All contractors. Julian is not a bad person. He runs a business and his business is to make money. I know he is charging us more than it really needs to cost. I was fine with it because I believe he will take care of the details and managing for us. But he did a poor job at it. I understand he has many jobs and some of them are very large scale that costs more and requires more of his attention, but I don'to think that justifies him not managing this job. If he couldn't spare attention else where, don't take this job. At some point he was having Noel do his jobs (contacting the cabinet maker, etc). The list goes on and on. I thought he had more integrity then that. I expected him to have the work ethic I and people I work with have. But I was wrong. He did not give me the feeling that he was looking out for my interest. I assume we would get that from the extra we gave him. That was a wrong assumption I will not make again. Lessons learned. Looking forward to not have to deal with him agian.

Second, I love the new kitchen. I am not crazy about the cabinet but I love the fact it's new. I can't wait to use it to the fullest. Which also creates another fear for me. I am afraid I will less likely want to move. Hating the kitchen makes moving more urgent. But now it's not the case. Still, I would like to move to park slope so the commute to the city is closer.

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ben said...

Congrats! Send me some pics!!