Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Can't get over the attitude of Old Russian Women

I still can't put it out of my mind. I don't know why but I find yesterday's lunch experience very upsetting.

I went to the pantry to heat up my lunch. This russian woman that sits next to me (who is not very nice) got there just steps before me. Her russian friends where there already but still putting their lunches together. So they let her heat up her food first. They almost did not finish putting their lunch together toward the end her lunch heating up. Upon finishing, they block the whole microwave area and put all of their lunches in (total of three lunch boxes). Now I know it was obviously to them that I was waiting for the microwave because I made it very obvious for them. I was holding my small little lunch box and standing very close to the microwave. It would have been very nice of them to let me heat my food up first. It's a very small box and it would only take less then 2 minutes. That did not happen. But what bothers me is that they were not even courteous enough to let me know that it will take a long time to heat up their food. I guess that's what I would have done because that's being considerate. They put the maxinum time of 5 minutes. I couldn't believe they could be so inconsiderate to just do that without saying a word especially with me waiting obviously and patiently. Now some people I know stopped by the pantry to get water and I spoke with them a few words. They took this opportunity to increate the time another 5 minutes!!! Can you believe it? They did not feel bad at all to let me wait over 10 minutes without saying anything, showing any courtesy, nothing!! This just bothers me so much!

I do know some russian women that are very nice but very few. Overall I really have a very bad opinion of the older russian women. They seem all the same. They cannot extend their friendliness toward people other then their kind. This point bothers me a lot. I like to know why.


ben said...

Those Russian women I tell you! Now were there no other microwaves in the office?

Jasmine said...

Yes, there were...but I was mad and stubborn....that was dumb of me...