Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Academy Award Message

It's been said the whole Acamedy award was on an anti-dvd-pro-movie-theatre campaign through out the show. I don't disagree that some movie is best experienced in the theatre, but dvds (legal or not) is not the reason I haven't been going to the theatre. Hollywood makes crap these days. They needs to stop pushing movie out like cheap products. They need to make quality stuff. Yes, I love Ang Lee. Yes, partly because he's also Taiwanese. I love how it takes him a while to produce but he produces good stuff.

They make so much money already. They need to step back and realize that. Stop the whole cycle of "I need to make more money right away!" Enjoy a little. Relax a little. Then go back to make some good stuff.

I want to make a list of favorite moments in movies. They give me similar high as my favorite moments in opera...

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