Saturday, March 18, 2006

Aunt Lily and Uncle Jim's accident

They got in to a bad car accident on Tuesday, March 14 2006 in Laytonville CA, about 200 miles north of us. I am not sure how information was passed around but when it finally go to Judy, she quickly remember that I was close by and proposed that I can go there to help them. I found out too late on Wednesday night so I didn't depart until Thursday morning.

Driving to Santa Rosa wasn't too bad. I think we might have been to this region of CA when we went to Calistoga. Driving up to Willits the next day was a bit more then I can usually do. However the opera on ipod help the drive easier. I am glad to see both of them. They keep on saying they don't really need people here because the hospital staffs are great and that they sleep all the time. However, I just think that if I was in their situation, I would love to see some familiar faces and know that someone is near to help me and take care of things I am worrying about. I don't want to interfere with their recovering so I think even just visiting them a little bit each day can help with their spirit.

Driving this much makes me realize how much Dad drives each week. He drives between north and south of Taiwan once or twice a week for business. While he says he's used to it, I can't help but think it still gets tiring for him. This also makes me realize him driving so much increases his chance of accident. I guess one must do what one needs for work but I will remind him to be more careful.

I am very glad I am making mom happy too. She's glad I can help her sister in their needs. Plus she's been seen as the black sheep of the family and always someone that people worry about. I am glad I can be useful which makes her look good.

I am also glad Sylvia and Liang are coming to help out. More then one person would make it easier to take care of both of them so far apart. While driving the round trip is doable (it's similar to us doing the manhattan to hamptons drive with the guys in the city) but doing it daily might be too much.

Thank goodness for someone with higher power looking over them. I am so glad they are recovering well. They are so sweet that they worry more about each other. I do my best to keep each other informed and ease their minds. They would be marry 35 years this June. How wonderful and sweet...

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