Sunday, February 18, 2007

Baby's first doctor check and

The baby is gaining weight nicely, even though I am not producing enough milk to satisfy him or meet his needs. He weighted 7lb 11 oz at the doctor. Three lbs more then his birth weight.

Still trying to find a balance feeding him at home. I decided that I couldn't do pumping anymore. I just dread it too much. I can still breastfeed him and follow by bottle feeding. This might decrease my milk supply and it might go away eventually but this is what I can do. I can't do all those things I think I should do. That was driving me crazy in the beginning. Who knows what might happen. Maybe it'll go on like this for a while, maybe he'll get stronger at sucking and my milk production will incrase and we won't need formula any more. Maybe my milk will dry up and formula will win out. I just need to be more accepting on what happens.

In the mean time, I'll just deal with the sore nipples after feeding, and the one cracked nipple, and my psyche of not completely accept the milk production situation.

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