Sunday, February 04, 2007

Orion Yap's arrival

The contraction started on the morning of Feb 3. I thought it might just be those practice ones cuz I was worried that I won't know what it is when it comes. I did not feel my stomach "balling up" like the other's described. Mostly lower back pain, bad lower back pain. When it became pretty regular, we started tracking it at 9am. It was regular for 2 hours and we called the doctor ask him what to do. He says that we can head to the hospital and we did.

Checked in at the hospital and they say we were 5-6 cm dilated. Which was great news. So we opt to not take any drugs yet. Another four hours passes and we got to 8 cm dilated. But it stalled there. Wouldn't go any more and the water hasn't broke yet. So the doctor broke the water a bit after 6pm to hope it would speed up the contraction. It sorta didn't but got us to between 8-9 cm dilated. I just couldn't stand 9cm dilated any more. I asked for IV meds and after an hour or two that wans't enough (even though Noel thought I was still doing okay with pain management on my own) I begged for epidural and had a great anestheiologist and soon I was comfortable enough to stand the contractions. They they added pitocin and after an hour and half pitocin effect went in and contractions got closer. But the baby's heartrate didn't like it. It kept on dropping as the contraction got closer. After being at 9cm dilated for almost 6 hours, the water's been broken and all, the doctor decided it might be best to take the baby out via c-section. It's been a long process for all parties involved.

We went in to c-section after midnight. I was shaking uncontrolably in my upper body. had to ask Noel and the doctor to hold my hands down so i stop shaking. I don't know why but I just couldn't stop shaking. The baby came at Feb 4, 2007 1:33am. I didn't feel the pulling and tucking they said I might, but when he came out crying at the top of his lung was the most emotional moment I felt. I was so relieved that he was okay and out and screaming.

I was so tired so I felt asleep after the sugery.

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