Monday, February 14, 2011


Baby girl was born on 2/8/2010 8:48am. 7lb 10oz 19.5in.

We went in for the c-section at 6:30am. Didn't think she would make it to the c-section day which was 7 days before due day, because her brother came 10 days early. I actually started having some contractions when we were signing different documents. As we got ready, I got more and more nervous. Even though this is a "repeat" c-section, the last one was so blurry that I do not remember much of it. Last one was done after 18 hours of labor and 12+ hours in the hospital. So I was just so tired and exhausted during c-section. I did remember some pushing and shoving but mostly just the throwing up and passing out after the baby was born.

Dr Rosenberg was really nice and supportive. Held my hands when the anesthesiologist was giving me the injection. They lied me down and my legs started to go numb. They were just waiting until I can't feel anymore and then got started pretty quickly. Noel came to join me at that time. I didn't realize he was taking picture from out side of the door and glad he did. He asked to stand up to see more of the operation than just the part about taking the baby out. The doctor ok'ed it and he observed most of it. There were a lot of pulling, tugging and shoving. Phil said the whole c-section reminded him of a dog being really rough with the chew toy. They told Noel when they were about to take the baby out and Noel filmed that part.

We stayed at the recovery room a little longer than usual (maybe an hour more) so the nurse could make sure I wasn't bleeding unusually or have clots forming.

Having a scheduled c-section is the weirdest thing. It's like having your life change forever scheduled.

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