Monday, February 14, 2011

Nursing issue

The baby's bilirubin level was high so the pediatrician order light therapy for her. Not the same light therapy that O had (where you can put it on his tummy and wrap him up in it. We can still hold him that way) This is where she goes in the incubator and has three different lights on her. The know-it-all and other nurse says she needs to take more food to flushing out the excess bilirubin so they need to supplement her with formula (since my milk supply either has not come in yet or is low) We were basically nursing her and then giving her formula.

It was hard to feed her, comfort her and change her in the incubator but eventually got the hang of it. However, the comforting her part was still hard. She does settle herself down (from content state to sleep) in the incubator when she's had enough to eat and has a clean diaper on.

Now we are not gonna have the mini ready-to-eat bottles for formula that hospital was supplying us after we get home. So I was not crazy about mixing formula and cleaning bottle part. Plus I remember how easy it was just to nurse and go. But we have a problem now. Her appetite is already larger than what my milk supply. She does not seem satisfied after nursing. And as I look at my milk, I can see it trickling down slowly. Last time we pumped at the hospital after three hour was only 15ml. I wonder how much she's getting now.

Someone told me that I should just put her to my breast as much as possible (22 out of 24 hours if needed). How else is my brain suppose to get the message that my body needs to produce more milk. However, this is not what most lactation experts said. They just don't recommend nursing less than two hours each time or else its not affective. I gave it a try anyway. on 2/13 I basically had her to my boob from 2pm until about midnight constantly. Maybe just have her off long enough to go to the bathroom (which I am peeing a lot) or eat. My breasts were hurting by the end of the night. I don't know if my body can handle that and I really do question it's effectiveness again.

Plus I feel like the only thing that we are accomplishing is to train her to fall asleep, using my boob as a pacifier.

The chinese moms from Orion's play group are taking turns cooking me soup and food. It's really nice of them but I feel really terrible about the whole thing. I really don't know how I am going to repay this enormous amount of kindness.

Want to go to Maternity connect for weight/feed/weight later.

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