Sunday, February 20, 2011

Vivi's first doctor's visit

We could not get an appointment two weeks from when Vivi is born so we could only get it on 10th day of birth. She was back to 7lb 9oz. So I am not so worry about not feeding her enough. I might put her to my boobs more often and maybe not do as much formula. Still, whenever she roots frantically I just feel bad and want to give her more food than I can give.

I've increase the fenugreek to 4 capsules a meal hoping it would help. Will increase to 5 per meal tomorrow to see... Still drinking soup/liquid like there's no tomorrow and going to pee a lot. Took a nap today and think that really helped with milk production. Maybe should sleep more. But I won't be able to do that soon when I have to take care of both kids myself.

Gave Vivi her first bath at home tonight (2/19) and started putting lotion on her dry skin like doctor said.

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