Sunday, September 17, 2006

Best Uni I Ever Had

We finally tried the good japanese restaurant near us that we didn't know about: Sushi Tomi. We had the best Uni (sea urchin) we've ever had in our lives!! I am not exaggerating. I liked uni okay until recently. In fact, I was not as impressed by uni's taste as much as Noel. But after trying some good uni at Blue Ribbbon Sushi in NY, I was convinced that when it's good quality, it tastes good. This uni from Sushi Tomi was better then Blue Ribbon's Sushi's. It was so good that we ordered another one. I had to stop Noel from talking when I was eating the second one so I can devote all my senses to experience that good uni.

We even went back the second day hoping to get the uni as good but we were prepared because restaurant don't get deliveries on the weekend. So we were aware we can be getting the same uni but a day old....which turned out to be the case.

We just hope that this is not a singular experience and we'll be able to experience that great uni again.

Yes, I shouldn't have eaten it in the first place, but we've decided that not eating raw fish was too hard for me. I mean, I can resist when nobody else is ordering raw fish. But when Noel orders raw fish, I can't resist. Besides, it's more of a precaution then a known no-no like alcohol or cigarette. We never eat at second rate sushi places, so that should decrease the chance a lot...this was one thing I didn't think I could do without for 9+ months but now that we made a different decision, I think I'll fair a lot better. Some how restricting food makes me want it more...

Search continues for another perfect uni....

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