Thursday, September 21, 2006


Noel came with me to the ultrasound. The technician was nice. He smeared this gel thing all over my stomach and then went to work. It's just surreal that ultrasound can see so much. I read on the American Pregnancy Association that the baby should be 7 inches long now. The technician went to take all the important views the doctor needs. The head size, the heart beat, organs, spine and limbs. The baby's head was up and feet was down at the time. Finally he took a profile view for us to take home. First word out of Noel's mouth was "he looks like Casper".

I guess it finally hit me after this second ultrasound that I am actually having a baby. There's an actual being is growing inside of me. It still feel so surreal. Now I must face my current most fear enemy: the labor process.


ben said...

far out

ben said...

that's my nephew!