Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Can Do Attitude

What happened to my "can do" attitude? I had that for
the longest time when I first started working out two
years ago. That's what helped me kept up with
constant running and improve on it. That's why help
me kept on going to different classes and try to excel
each time I go. I would ask myself "why I am doing
this?" and the answer would be "because I can!".
Because I know one day I won't be able to even if I
want to.

But these days I just lost it. I can't conjure up
that feeling, that conviction. Not just gym, but a
lot of aspect of my life. I just feel tired. Don't
know if it's mentally or physically tired. Maybe

What's wrong with me?

So anxious about the new life in California. Nervous
and scared too...


I am thankful for the pasta with clam sauce, garlic and olive oil Domenick made for lunch. I got lucky because Joyce is on vacation but I am thankful. I felt so special.

I am thankful for having my health so I can takeMark's classes today.

I am thankful for Paisley's yoga class yesterday. Mybosy feels great afterwards

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