Friday, August 12, 2005

More random thoughts

Why doesn't the corporate world have sabbatical where one can take some time off and re-evauate life? I can so use that right now. If I can just take care of myself a little right now, I can get back the drive I had for work and be a really useful person in society.

Am I too conditioned to want the glamorous things in life. Now I realizing it's not owning many things that makes me happy but it's organizing and using the many things I own will ultimately make me happy.

Or will it?

Why do I feel that using and organizing things will make me happy? Because I will then own these things not the other way around? Is that really liberating or is it me following the "shoulds"?

I like things cleaned and organized, but do I really like cleaning and organizing it? I do find it satisfying cleaning things and place. It's instant gratifying in some ways. But if I need to do that all the time, will the instant gratificate fate? Are we only attracted to do things we don't get to do and anything we do too much will become a chore? Maybe that's not true because Noel loves doing what he does.

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