Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Searching for a good, quiet tea place

Finally realized I am still searching for that idea tea place.

I've been to many tea places in the city. Almost all the well known ones in the city. While I am trying to figure out how come I don't visit one particularly more often, I realized none of them gave me a hide away peaceful feeling I need.

The new Cha-An japanese tea place in the East Village is a nice find. Their price is a bit above average. But I find it too rigid feeling. It's nice and clean and simple. But the whole place just makes feel like I need to sit up straight and watch my matters. Takashimaya is has great tea selection and the teabox is really cool too. But it's too busy feeling. I like T-Salon in Chelsea. It's the only place that makes me feel like I can order a cup of tea and throw my bag down and just hide in the corner and read. However they close way too early. It's clearly design for rich women who don't work to stop by between shoppings. Tea and Sympathy is too small to provide the feeling of hiding away in the corner. Teaspot in village is too college feeling. I think the only place that makes me feel like I can hide away in the corner and unwind is that knitting place on Bedford on Soho. But it doesn't feel right to go there and not knit.

I finally realized I am searching for a tea place that give me the same feeling as Marquet on 12th street. It just feel like a small slice of Paris you can hide away from the world and unwind.

Went there last night. The place is not the same any more. They now serve dinner. The price is on the high side. Perhaps one day I will give it a try. I am feeling negative because adjusting to change is hard. I was searching for the familiar and it's no longer that. At least not the dinner setting.

I tried their Bread Pudding banana flambe. At first it looked really good. Very decadent. I think I was satisfied after three bites. It had way too much sugar. I finished my coffee faster then I ever did because how sugary it was. The "bread" pudding must have been made of crossant. It looked much more complex bread then smooth textured bread and tasted buttery too. It was topped by maple syrup and power sugar plus some strawberries and banana. I didn't get the feeling they "flambe"ed the banana because it was fresh.
I really should have stopped after three bits when I was satisfied. I need to stop eating what they feed me and eat what satisfies me.

The seat by the window was still nice. Since it's still located at a quiet corner (much much quieter then crowds at union square), I think it's still an option to go and order a coffee. But the search for quiet place will continue. Although I have a feeling I might never find the place. At least not at this town. This town is all about making money. Having a nice (cost money) and quiet (doesn't make enough money) is just not a good business model. I might be more fruitful creating my own place then searching for one.

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